Feature Suggestions

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  1. Printful Plugin

    Printful POD service plugin

    Neel Seth


  2. Custom Script

    Option to add custom scripts Header Footer Thankyou Page - Conversion Scripts

    Neel Seth
    #New Feature


  3. Export Product

    Hi team, Could we please have export product function? After export all products to excel file, we can edit them & import back to Dukaan system. It would save a lot of time to edit product. Thanks for your consider.



  4. Allow unlimited product variants. Or, at least allow more than two variants.

    When offering some products more variants can be very useful. More variants can eliminate the need to create a whole new product for the additional options. Customers may have an easier decision process with all of the product variations in one place. For example: Size (S,M,L,XL,2X) Color (Persuasion Pink, Passionate Purple, Glorious Green) Style (Long Sleeve, Short Sleeve) Fabric (Micro-mesh, Silky-smooth) *Of course this feature also needs to pair with each variation being able to have a separate photo/image, therefore allowing more product images may also be necessary to accomplish the adding of more variants.

    Eric M


  5. Order Detail (Date)

    Order Detail must using Date Format 02-10-2022 example, else we don know which date for the Order Detail Thanks



  6. Modular Theme Infrastructure

    Enabling Dukaan Themes to be modified as drag and drop blocks, additional customisations for themes would be possible

    Neel Seth
    #New Feature#Improvement#UI / UX Improvements


  7. Multi-lingual Support for Store Fronts ( Multi - Market Support )

    Enabling Support for 50+ Languages for your Dukaan Storefront

    Neel Seth
    #New Feature#Improvement


  8. rajaongkir.com API

    Please create a plugin to synch with rajaongkir.com API, since it most popular API shipping in Indonesia.

    #New Feature#Improvement#Fulfillment / Deliveries


  9. Embed Youtube videos

    Being able to embed YouTube videos into sections.



  10. B2B Sales Channel

    Adding a B2B sales channels, which will enable whole sales prices & restriced orders/logins

    #Improvement#Large Scale Operations / Integrations#Demand Generation


  11. Landing Pages and Sales Funnels

    We need a theme that addresses the need for a landing page or a sales page. The landing page could sell a digital product or service or sell a single item from the ecommerce store. Landing pages are trending. Especially with ecommerce. It would be great if we can attach landing pages to a store.

    #New Feature#New type of product enablement#Demand Generation


  12. csv product import to include images from url

    surprised this is not built in already in the product import sheet if you are importing a lot of products it should also import images as well

    #Improvement#Store Management#Product


  13. Shop Button

    Shop Button for Product / Categories, Embedded Dukaan Store Product / Categories in multiple locations

    Neel Seth
    #New Feature#Product#Demand Generation


  14. Quick Edit From Product Pages

    A way to quick edit product details from the product page and a way to select multiple products to bulk quick edit them (without using excel) ie move multiple products to a new category, quickly add sale price or update to a new price

    #Improvement#Product#UI / UX Improvements


  15. Please add Google Maps Location Picker field option in Additional Information.

    For local and self shipping deliveries it would be really helpful to get the pinpoint location of customer address. Please add this field type in additional information field configurator in order form where customer can accurately give the delivery location. It helps in navigation for delivery agents and route planning. This is standard in many similar platforms.

    Fruit N S
    #New Feature#Improvement#Fulfillment / Deliveries