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    Dukaan Reseller Certification

    Please add your name and emails below if Reseller certificates are critical for you! If we cross 100 comments, we will prioritize this and ship in a week.

    Neel Seth


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    Modular Theme Infrastructure ( GOING LIVE 13th Feb 2022 ) ( CODE EDITOR )

    Enabling Dukaan Themes to be modified as drag and drop blocks, additional customisations for themes would be possible

    Neel Seth
    #New Feature#Enhancement#UI / UX Improvements


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    Variants 2.0

    2 Levels of custom variants can be added and, multiple images can be assigned to variants.

    #Enhancement#New type of product enablement #Product Catalogue


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    Freebie Coupon

    New coupon construct to automatically attach a free item to the cart Item does not need to be part of the cart item price, image, inventory and tax stored Item not visible to purchase separately

    Neel Seth
    #New Feature#Store Feature


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    GA-4 Support

    Upgraded analytics plugin in dukaan, now enabled to measure as per GA-4 Guidelines.

    Neel Seth
    #Enhancement#Store Management & Reporting#Plugin


  6. Floating Cart

    Floating Cart helps to quickly checkout the product in the cart. currently there is only link which pop-ups after adding to the cart attaching sample images for the same.

    Darshan H
    #UI / UX Improvements#Customer Retention / Engagement#Fulfillment


  7. Public APIs For Dukaan

    Public API infrastructure to build products on top of Dukaan, be it themes or plugins

    #New Feature#Large Scale Integrations


  8. Footer edit options

    It would be great if you can launch a feature where we can add pages like return policy, terms and condition in the footer.



  9. Quick Checkout!

    Checkout in just one click, support to fire Native payments apps with prefilled data and process payments. Support will be Extended to India ( Dukaan Pay ) + International Gateways

    Yud B
    #New Feature#Enhancement#Payments


  10. Disable help articles and videos showing Dukaan branding

    Please provide option to disable help articles and videos with Dukaan branding in the backend. It should only contain our own logo and nothing else related to dukaan branding.

    #New Feature#UI / UX Improvements


  11. Embed Youtube videos

    Being able to embed YouTube videos into sections.



  12. Integrate with Amazom. Etsy, Dropshipping Websites, Other Marketplaces

    Under Consideration: Connectors for WMS tools, which manage inventory and catalogue sync across multiple aggregators: For Indian Market Already Available Connectors ( Enterprise Plans ) Unicommerce EasyEcom Vinculum



  13. Able to promote affiliate products with affiliate links

    Just like WooCommerce. Other than regular products, we can also sell affiliate products using affiliate links. Choose the option if the product is a product that links to an affiliate link.

    Jornes S
    #Enhancement#New type of product enablement #Product Catalogue


  14. Ability to change URL structure, page slug, product slug etc

    www.mywebsite.com/website www.mywebsite.com/website/category/product www.mywebsite.com/website/p/pagename - Nobody wants URLs like these on their website. People (and Search Engines, I hope Summit can understand this if he was ever a digital marketer !) wants page URLs like these : www.mywebsite.com www.mywebsite.com/category/product www.mywebsite.com/pagename Make it possible to edit slugs, keeping the homepage URL to be the domain name connected and not domainname/storename (storename which we put while setup), and make it possible to remove "/p" from the page URLs. An ecommerce website could be made for free on blogger.com if this is the URL structure we expect (P.S : Even though, there are ways to get rid off extra words like"/p" even on Blogger, for FREE !) No offence please, this is a genuine request from an agency owner

    Yagnesh K


  15. 🔥 Sell everywhere - connect product catalog to Facebook Store, Instagram/Tik tok...

    Ability to connect product catalog with stores of social media - Facebook / Instagram / Tik tok / whatsApp. Google Shopping. Sell in everywhere centralized in Dukaan Store. Thank you

    #Large Scale Integrations