Feature Suggestions

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  1. Digital Product Delivery

    Enabling Merchants with the option to sell and deliver Digital Goods, Such As books, Content

    #New Feature#Improvement#New type of product enablement


  2. Modular Theme Infrastructure

    Enabling Dukaan Themes to be modified as drag and drop blocks, additional customisations for themes would be possible

    Neel Seth
    #New Feature#Improvement#UI / UX Improvements


  3. Google Merchant Centre ( Automated )

    Enabling automatic syncing of catalogue with Google Merchant centre for Shopping Ads

    Neel Seth
    #Improvement#Demand Generation


  4. Mercado Pago and Pagseguro Integrations

    Mercado Pago and Pagseguro are the most important latin america payment gateways.



  5. Native interakt Integration

    Interakt is a Official Whatsapp API Provider Send product catalogs to customers on WhatsApp as part of campaigns & auto-replies Include up to 30 products along with images, descriptions, prices, and more in a single WhatsApp message Manage customer expectations with OOO, Delayed and Welcome notifications Trigger automatic WhatsApp messages when your customer takes an action (or doesn't!) Save time & effort by adding Custom-replies for frequently asked questions And Much more : https://www.interakt.shop/

    Yudhvir s
    #New Feature#Demand Generation#Customer Retention / Engagement


  6. Solid color background for business cards

    When using the 'business card-designer' I can choose between 70 different background illustrations and pictures. Most of them are bad, a few of them are okay. I need simplicity. An option to add a solid color background, staring with white. Please implement color picker and perhaps even some of the hex-codes used in the settings for that shop's theme. And you could add more backgrounds, but keep them simple and graphics are bast based on SVG.

    Linus L
    #New Feature#UI / UX Improvements


  7. Pre-select a county based on users IP when creating new store.

    https://web.mydukaan.io/getting-started I believe very few of us are setting up our store in Afghanistan ;) It would be smart if a country was pre-selected based on my IP, that is often very close to what you need.

    Linus L
    #UI / UX Improvements


  8. White-Label - Agency Account

    Make it happen. For real.

    Linus L


  9. White-Label - Agency Account

    Enabling Agencies to white-label their Merchant login panel by removing Dukaan Logos and branding. (Eg: https://admin.thedotpe.com/) Custom Order, OTP, Staff Login Communications Disabled support in non-primary agency accounts Subscription cost & charges hidden from non-primary accounts Customised Login link for web.mydukaan.io

    Neel Seth
    #New Feature#Large Scale Operations / Integrations


  10. Subscription's for products

    Subscription based features on a product level that are valid for a limited timeframe and then need to be renewed via licenses.

    #New Feature#Customer Retention / Engagement#Demand Generation


  11. Upsells and Downsells

    Having the ability to offer upsells and downsells after a main product has been purchased is important to be able to offer customers a whole range of products they may need. This would allow sellers to get more AOV of customers and make more money for us and you guys :-)

    David L


  12. Multi-lingual Support for Store Fronts ( Multi - Market Support )

    Enabling Support for 50+ Languages for your Dukaan Storefront

    Neel Seth
    #New Feature#Improvement


  13. Sub Category Support

    Enabling Subcategories under a head category, to make large catalogues more user friendly by becoming easy to search and navigate

    Neel Seth
    #New Feature#Improvement#Store Management


  14. Mobile Phone Number Login.

    I want to sell consumer in China and many don't have or use email. Letting them login with their mobile phone number will make it less friction.



  15. Shipping intigration with Bluedart direct account, Pickrr, Shiprocket etc

    Indian Shops need intigrations with shipping companies and consolidators to keep our shipping cost down and to have maximum reach of pincodes.

    #Fulfillment / Deliveries