Feature Suggestions

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  1. Product Filters for advance Search

    Options to add upto 20 Global filters and tag them to products which will enable filters for buyers

    Neel Seth
    #New Feature#Store Management#UI / UX Improvements


  2. Multi-lingual Support for Store Fronts ( Multi - Market Support )

    Enabling Support for 50+ Languages for your Dukaan Storefront

    Neel Seth
    #New Feature#Improvement


  3. Instagram Feed Plugin

    Enabling Merchants to showcase their Instagram Feed on their Dukaan Store - Front

    #Improvement#UI / UX Improvements


  4. B2B Sales Channel

    Adding a B2B sales channels, which will enable whole sales prices & restriced orders/logins

    #Improvement#Large Scale Operations / Integrations#Demand Generation


  5. Landing Pages and Sales Funnels

    We need a theme that addresses the need for a landing page or a sales page. The landing page could sell a digital product or service or sell a single item from the ecommerce store. Landing pages are trending. Especially with ecommerce. It would be great if we can attach landing pages to a store.

    #New Feature#New type of product enablement#Demand Generation


  6. copy & duplicate a product

    Give us an option in the product tab to copy & duplicate a product so that we do not need to create a product from scratch. It is a very difficult task. this is very very urgent

    #Improvement#Product#Bug 🐛


  7. Different description About Variation

    hey, how are you doing ? I was customizing my store but I meet a problem I could not write different description relating different size (variation) so you should work on this or update description method that customer can read different description about variations. thank you Love from Pakistan. regards



  8. Add Tab feature for faq in product description

    Hi Team, It would be great if there is a feature to add tabs or an accordion kind of feature to add FAQ kind of content.

    Nature F
    #New Feature#Improvement#UI / UX Improvements


  9. update images of items in bulk

    update images of items in bulk

    Prince K


  10. 🔥 Sell everywhere - connect product catalog to Facebook Store, Instagram/Tik tok...

    Ability to connect product catalog with stores of social media - Facebook / Instagram / Tik tok / whatsApp. Google Shopping. Sell in everywhere centralized in Dukaan Store. Thank you

    #Large Scale Operations / Integrations


  11. Digital Product Delivery

    Enabling Merchants with the option to sell and deliver Digital Goods, Such As books, Content

    #New Feature#Improvement#New type of product enablement


  12. White-Label - Agency Account

    Enabling Agencies to white-label their Merchant login panel by removing Dukaan Logos and branding. (Eg: https://admin.thedotpe.com/) Custom Order, OTP, Staff Login Communications Disabled support in non-primary agency accounts Subscription cost & charges hidden from non-primary accounts Customised Login link for web.mydukaan.io

    Neel Seth
    #New Feature#Large Scale Operations / Integrations


  13. Modular Theme Infrastructure

    Enabling Dukaan Themes to be modified as drag and drop blocks, additional customisations for themes would be possible

    Neel Seth
    #New Feature#Improvement#UI / UX Improvements


  14. Subscription's for products

    Subscription based features on a product level that are valid for a limited timeframe and then need to be renewed via licenses.

    #New Feature#Customer Retention / Engagement#Demand Generation


  15. Upsells and Downsells

    Having the ability to offer upsells and downsells after a main product has been purchased is important to be able to offer customers a whole range of products they may need. This would allow sellers to get more AOV of customers and make more money for us and you guys :-)

    David L